Pain and Your Pursuit of Purpose

We know that opposition and distractions will come as we pursue our purpose (the thing/s that God has told us to do). But can you Pursue through your Pain? Will you allow your circumstances to Stop you? We have to Press, Push, and continue to Pursue in order to get to where God is taking us. Quitting is not an option! Reaping comes if we do not faint. 

Instead of allowing ‘Pain’ to paralyze you, let it PUSH you! Some of you would have never made a move or changed your course if you hadn’t encounter a painful situation. If Joseph hadn’t suffered rejection from his brothers and abandonment he would not have been in position to save his family and nation from famine. (I hope you’re getting this) Everything is not a bad thing. It may look and feel bad but in the Grand Scheme of God’s Perfect Plan it is not. What is the Gift out of your pain? Has God turned your pain into a praise? I encourage you to keep Pursuing through your Pain. It will be worth it.

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